What Are New Investors Saying?


Much Thanks to Robert at CryptosAndTokens.com! 

Because of is expertise in this new and exciting world of Crypto, I have learned a great deal of the amazing blockchain technology behind this whole new world! 

He has made a believer out of a me, a common Joe with not much knowledge in any kind of technology. Robert and his team has been with me step by step, from investing in my first BTC (Bitcoin) to buying/selling ICO’s and other major coin’s! 

I’ve learned a great deal by his side and plan on learning much more from him. His vast knowledge isn’t only on what to look for in a great new and promising cryptos or ICO’s, but also his dedication and passion on of the blockchain technology has me on the edge of my computer looking forward too many trips to THE MOON!!! 

When Lambo as they say in the Crypto World!

Alvaro C. 

President -ExclusiveMobileDetail.com


When I first heard of cryptocurrency I was very intimidated by the vast technology and idea behind it all. I mean, I'm a sales supervisor...I am no expert in engineering or advanced technology! I was intrigued but stopped showing interest due to my lack of knowledge in the crypto space, but mainly for the lack of simplistic information available needed to fully understand. Sure you can find plenty of articles online, but without fully understanding what cryptocurrency is, one is set up for failure immediately. Fortunately, that wasn't the end of the road for me. After a few months of hearing of cryptocurrency, I found out that my very good friend, Robert, was also dabbling in the space and invited me to dinner to chat more about it.

Robert broke it all down and made sure I fully comprehended every detail, every step of the way. Robert has been so kind to spend time providing introductory, and easy to understand videos and information that has helped me get a better grasp of it all! I guess I can sort of consider myself a fellow cryptonian, but It doesn't end there. Robert also has been so kind to dedicate an evening once a week to spend time with my family members and me to continue our education and understanding of cryptocurrency and how it is being revolutionized! Here's to your Robert and the amazing information you have shared with me! I am truly grateful to be under your tutelage and I cannot thank you enough!

If anyone has any interest in the crypto space and want to speak to someone who understands and can make it easy to learn, Robert and his team can make it happen!

Anthony R.

Supervisor, Supplier Enablement


I appreciate you Robert. Thank you for helping me understand the inherent complex world of cryptocurrencies.  Before your guidance the only thing I ever heard of about cryptocurrencies was Bitcoin. But now I am able to buy, sell and trade all forms of cryptos with confidence.  After your personal consultations I now have the knowledge necessary to review, evaluate and and invest in everything from new ICOs to to market established coins and tokens. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrencies. Keep up the good work. 

Cuong B.