Our Team

Mike A.

Mike has been researching and documenting the highs and lows of the cryptocurrency market. With accurate and precise measurements of trades, he as quickly become the investor to look up to.

Basman H.

Basman's long history with technology and various markets made him a prime candidate for cryptocurrency and Blockchain topics. His ambitious and bullish tactics makes him very successful!

Robin D.

Robin is ambitious and always looking for the latest tech news to bring to the table. With his quick and careful research, he is able to find the best investment opportunities!

Henry H.

Henry Hanna

Henry supports the team by putting together the winners and losers with stats. He has quickly learned all the tools of the trade to make quick and accurate investment decisions without any major losses.

Robert A.

Robert Aronovici

Robert Aronovici is the newest team member and has brought his social media skills to the table. His background in programming made him easily understand the technology and start investing.